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10th Annual General Meeting - December 8, 2018

The Belize Table Tennis Association held its 10th Annual General Meeting on December 8, 2018 at the Belize Elementary School Auditorium.

Well attended by several players and parents, the meeting covered all reports and financial presentations by the President and the Treasurer.

Elections of officers was also held, where the existing members were unanimously re-elected back as the Executive Committee for the next 2 years. Only change in the new Committee is the Secretary position, where Yasser Musa now holds that position.

Mrs. Petie Matus, who previously served as the BTTA Secretary, has retired from the Committee. Having held the position for 9 years, the BTTA thanks Mrs. Matus for her great contribution to the development of table tennis. 

 Executive Members are:

Tux Vasquez - President

Hector Lopez - Vice President

Marion Usher - Treasurer

Yasser Musa - Secretary

Dr. Manuel Paguaga - Committee Member


Kelly Liu and Terry Su victorious at 2018 Brodies Strong and Weak Doubles Tournament

The 2018 Brodie’s Annual Strong & Weak Double Tournament took place this past Sunday, August 12th, 2018 at the BES Auditorium, the home of table tennis.

Competing in a DOUBLE ELIMINATION Format, 12 Strong & Weak Doubles Team began competing for this year’s title.

After a full day of competition, the final results were as follows:

1st Place – Kelly Liu/Terry Su

2nd Place – Jofny Paguaga/Mihir Karnani

3rd Place – Wilber Titio Bientz/Colin Wu

4th Place – Rohit Pagarani/Che Waight

CONGRATULATIONS to all the Winners, and a big THANK YOU to the SPONSORS BRODIES.

THANK YOU also goes out to all the players, participants, spectators and organizers of this year’s event, especially our new team of umpires.

The Development Continues…

Rohit Pagarani Wins A Division 1st RFG Ranking Title

The 2018 1st RF&G National Ranking Tournament concluded this past Saturday June 30th with the following results:

A Division

1st Place - Rohit Pagarani
2nd Place - Taye Parkinson
3rd Place - Devesh Hukmani & Latrell Solis

B Division

1st Place - Joshua Gegg
2nd Place - Jofny Paguaga
3rd Place - Mihir Karnani & Daryl Palacio

C Division

1st Place - Mihir Karnani
2nd Place - Parin Thadani
3rd Place - Trevon Brown & Sarai Paguaga


1st Place - Kelly Liu
2nd Place - Abigail Thurton
3rd Place - Sarai Paguaga


1st Place - Devesh Hukmani/Rohit Pagarani
2nd Place - Terry Su/Taye Parkinson
3rd Place - Latrell Solis/Manuel Castellanos & Amiri Hoare/Kevin Chen
For detailed match results:

For more pictures of the event visit our facebook at

A Big Thank You goes out to RF&G Insurance for sponsoring the event. They have supported Belize Table Tennis for over 8 years now and have been instrumental in the development of the sport. 

Congratulations to all the winners and see you at our next event the Barrow and Williams Summer Open set for Sunday, July 29th, 2018.

Devesh Hukmani clenches his first Don Omario Cup Title!

The 2018 – 6th Annual Don Omario's TOP 32 18UNDER CUP took place this Saturday, April 21, 2018 at the BES Auditorium, "the home of table tennis".

The TOP 32 best 18UNDER junior players started out in a Double Elimination Format event with defending Champion Amiri Hoare and top seeds Taye Parkinson and Devesh Hukmani all in attendance.

Amiri Hoare being the defending champion looked for his second win this year towards keeping the coveted cup. Winning three years in a row will do just that. He would face stiff competition however as all the juniors were hungry for the cup as well, so games were expected to be really heated and competitive.

Taye Parkinson sat atop the main draw while his rival Devesh Hukmani sat opposite him in the bottom half of the draw. 

On the road to the finals Taye paved his way with victories over Parin Thadani (3 – 0), Jofny Paguaga (3 – 0), Terry Su (3 – 1), and Amiri Hoare (3 – 1).

In the bottom half Devesh Hukmani defeated Mihir Karnani (3 – 2) and Daryl Palacio (3 – 1), before losing to Amiri Hoare in the match leading into the finals. Amiri’s quick change ups and superb placement proved to be too much for Devesh and so Amiri sent Devesh to the loser’s bracket winning 3 games to 0.

After losing to Taye Parkinson in the main bracket, Terry Su tried to make his way back into the finals by beating Rohit Pagarani (3 – 1), but his journey soon came to an end at the hands of Devesh Hukmani who beat him (3 – 2). Terry had to settle for fourth place.

Devesh and Amiri met again in the bottom half and fought intensely to advance to the finals. This game was as instense as the first, but this time Devesh managed to return the favour by winning 3 games to 1.

The finals was then set. Devesh Hukmani and Taye Parkinson would have to battle it out for the prestigious Don Omario Cup. Taye Parkinson had held the cup the year before and so he desperately wished to hold it once again. This would be Hukmani’s first time in the finals for the coveted cup and he was definitely hungry for the win. Inevitably, the match showcased some excellent play. Devesh completely dominated the first match, winning 3 games to 1. Because of the double elimination format, Devesh would have to play Taye once again in order to claim the cup.

The stakes were much higher in the second and final game and Taye made sure to bring out all he had to win and claim the cup for a second time.

In the final match Taye Parkinson and Devesh Hukmani played see-saw as they went back and forth trading games. Taye won the first game 11 – 9. Devesh won the second 11 – 9, Taye won the third 11-8, and Devesh trying arduously to stay in the game won the fourth game 14 – 12. In the final game, Devesh Hukmani came out swinging hard. This pressure got the better of Taye and he struggled to remain focused. He eventually lost the will to keep fighting. Devesh’s relentless attacks ultimately proved successful, gaining him the victory and this year’s Don Omario Cup.

The final results were as follows:

1st – Devesh Hukmani
2nd – Taye Parkinson
3rd – Amiri Hoare
4th – Terry Su 

Trophies and the Championship CUP were presented to the winners on behalf of the Sponsors "Travellers" by BTTA coaches Wilber Bientz and Aya Kubota.

CONGRATULATION to the winners and a special THANK YOU to the event’s Sponsor "Travellers" for their continued sponsorship and support in the development of table tennis in the junior players.

THANK YOU also goes out to all the players, parents, spectators and organizers of this event.

See complete results here.